Welcome Celebration August 2019


Welcome Celebration August 2019

Last Thursday, in the sweltering heat of a late August afternoon, all of our families gathered for the annual Welcome Celebration. Each family made the pledge, once again, to be on a Hero’s Journey. Then they symbolically crossed the threshold into this new territory.

 The Hero’s Journey is the overarching theme of all that we do at Innovator. It includes a call to resist a victim mindset, to keep trying even when you fail, to work at solving the problem before reacting, and to listen to feedback from your fellow travelers. These are just a few aspects of the HJ. 

Publicly, as a community, we make promises. Innovator Academy makes promises to the parents, the parents make promises, and the Eagles and Guides make promises to each other. These agreements are the glue that holds our community together. 

This year upon entering each studio, the Eagles were asked, “Do you promise to work hard and be kind.” 

Our Sparks (ages 5-7) level is growing and has a brand new studio. Our Montessori inspired program encourages the learners to be independent, build strong relationships, and find beauty and truth in their world. Creativity, fun, and care of the environment and self are the focus at this stage.


After some fun games and activities, we enjoyed connecting with everyone over some delicious food. We are so excited about all the beautiful and challenging things these heroes will learn this year!


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