Week 3: Pushing Through Resistance and Distraction


Week 3: Pushing Through Resistance and Distraction

Every hero faces obstacles. No one is immune.

It never matters what challenge you face but only how you choose to respond.

One thing that I’ve noticed over the last year is our ability to turn on a dime when the situation changes. I recall a day last year where everything seemed to go wrong.

The water in our building was shut off due to maintenance. One Eagle became sick…all over the floor, resulting in every other Eagle running out of the studio appalled.

Then, to top it all off, the internet went out completely.

Thankfully, this was mid-year, and our Eagles had plenty of experience with things going awry. Though there was momentary confusion, they recovered quickly.

In each instance, they acknowledged the problem and began to solve it. The resilience was evident that day. A test or a grade can’t measure this kind of growth.

Flexibility and resilience are skills that will serve them every day of their life, no matter what their future holds.

Now, in week 3 of our second year, we already see this same mindset. Distractions come, plans change, and the Eagles take each moment with stride and mature resilience. What a gift to see the growth from year 1 to year 2.

Resistance and distraction are hard to overcome, even as an adult. When I watch the Eagles bravely push through, I’m reminded to ask myself, “what am I resisting right now? Are there any obstacles I need to overcome or distractions I need to remove?”

As guides and parents, our goal is to model the behavior of a hero. How we respond to situations, or in many cases how we don’t respond, sets the tone for the Eagles.

If we spin out of control when things don’t go right, what are we showing them? If we give up when something is hard, what do they learn from us?

I’m learning a lot from these young heroes and am changed forever by their courage, resilience, and determination.

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