Week 1: Team Building, Challenges, and Question of the Year


Week 1: Team Building, Challenges, and Question of the Year

The first week of school has come to an end. This week we focused mainly on team building with lots of games and challenges for the Eagle’s to get to know one another. Laughter bubbled up from every corner on day one.

Our first session is called Build the Tribe. Through a series of group and individual challenges, the Eagles discover more about who their fellow travelers are, who they are, and how they fit in the tribe.

After a day full of team building games, the first challenge they are tasked with as a group is a Lip Dub in ES (Elementary studio) or the Film Fest in MS (Middle School).

The films they create will be entered into a contest with other Acton schools all across the globe.

The Sparks stayed busy learning the ropes of their new studio space and new Montessori materials as they entered into their first independent work time. Fun was had in creative play and dress up, and dance parties to release the tension when needed.

The Eagles talked about our Overarching Question of the Year, which is, “When Does A Hero Submit To Authority?” Each year a new question is picked as the theme for everything we learn. This session, we’ll ask, “when does a hero submit to the tribe?” as they discuss and debate their governing documents, the studio contracts, and sign them together.

The MS studio discussed different levels of tribal leadership and decided on two core values that they wanted to unite over moving into week two- “Working hard together and respecting everyone.”

Next week, SMART goals and core skills will be introduced, and the Eagles will begin to tell the world about themselves through the creation of their Hero Boards. It’s been a week full of joy and fun mixed with just enough chaos to drive the desire for the Eagles to establish order through their contracts.

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