When do you meet?

As a home school hybrid, we meet in our studios Tues-Thursday from 8:15-3:00pm. Mondays and Fridays are completed at home with parents. Our sessions run anywhere from 4-7 weeks in what we call a “sprint”. We take 1-2 weeks off between sessions. Our school calendar for 2019/2020 runs from the end August to the beginning of May.

What subjects do your Eagles study?

Our days in ES (elementary studio) and MS (middle school) begin with a “Launch”, what we call our Socratic discussions. Each day has a new theme or question to discuss. From there our Eagles jump into their Core Skills (reading, writing, math, spelling). We also have times for Civilization which encompasses history, geography, and social studies. Through our hands-on quest times, we explore science and technology and integrate what we are learning in Core Skills.

Our Sparks learners (ages 5-7) complete most of their core skills using Montessori materials for math and reading. We focus on social emotional learning at this stage and working well with others.

Are you a religious school?

Everything we do revolves around the basics of the Christian faith but we leave the teaching of doctrine up to the families to do at home.

What is your tuition?

We have a unique tuition model. Within a certain range, families can “pay what they want.” We trust that each family will do the best that they are able to do. For the 2019/2020 school year the range is from $3600-$$4250. We offer a sibling discount and a monthly payment plan.